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You're interested in discovering insights that drive action and you're collecting zero party data via quizzes.

Here's 3 ways Formtoro can improve your data collection and uncover more context around different from other quiz providers:

reason 1

Contextual Data

Data that means something.

Data is broken down in relation to answer count, revenue count, order count, and conversion rates. Providing you with more in depth access to understand the relationship of answers to data.

Most platforms just report on the answer count and the total revenue. That's not good enough for us.

Reason 2


All the data with context above can be segmented down by individual answers to get better insights into how one answer relates to the others, it's real data analytics.

Most platforms don't allow you to segment based on answers to finetune your understanding of how different data points relate to one another. That's not good enough for us.

reason 3

Data Everywhere

Data is broken down by individual source, by Facebook Ad Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad Creative. Meaning you get data relevant all the way down to the ad level.

Not all traffic is equal, segment out the performance based on people that went through your quiz. Go deeper to understand the quality of the audience.

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