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Intro Product

Intro Product

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Eligible for featured review program, details below.

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We'll send you out the product just like a normal sale, no funny business here, it's the same quality as the rest of our products.

You create the content

Your phone is fine, vertical videos are preferred, take some pictures, film the unboxing, wear the product, then give a short review.

Review Tips and Format

Submit your content

Follow the links in the emails to submit your content and request your choice of a refund for 50% of your purchase price or get 100% back via store credit.

What's the Catch?

Why are you doing this?

All publicity is good publicity right? As a small brand we realize that the hardest part of making amazing products is getting the word out about them.

People buy from people and this feels like a true win win for everyone.

How long should the video be?

Less than a minute long, we want you to be honest, no need to lie, we're only interested in honest unfiltered opinions.

A helpful format is the following:

- Initial impressions

- Compare it to something similar you own

- Tell us why you would or wouldn't recommend it to someone

That's it.

How do I send it to you?

We'll send you an email with instructions on how to submit your content and request your reward.

We'll just need a publicly accessible link.

What are the terms?

A full list of our terms can be found here. Please read them carefully.

Can I just send photos?

We encourage you to send both photos and videos, we love it when people talk about their experience though.